Relationship, Sex and Health Education Books and Resources.

In 2017, I was commissioned to write my first RSE resource. The whole school curriculum includes over 100 lesson plans and activities and is being currently being used in over 100 schools. The education materials are now being revised ad updated to respond to compulsory RSE and updated KCSIE Guidance.

In 2020, I produced my own resource for educators “The tough cookies toolkit for sex ed” providing a reliable source of information for teachers, teaching assistants, and youth workers. The easy-to-use, no-fuss, spiral-bound booklet is factually correct, age-appropriate, with relevant, up-to-date, and inclusive content.

RSE BOOK COMING SOON 2022 – Jessica Kingsley Publishers

In 2020 I was approached by JKP with the offer to write a new book for RSE sharing my ideas and experience with teachers and educators new to the role of RSE education.

Tough Cookies Toolkit for Sex Ed – Tough Cookies Education Ltd

With schools closed and lockdown across the country making a huge impact on RSE education. I created a resource full of tried and tested ideas for teachers and youth workers.

Relationships Education Resource for schools – Oldham Council

Working alongside Oldhams Children’s Safeguarding Training Officer, I wrote a number of guides, lesson plans, and activities that would support the implementation of RSE in schools.

RSE Whole School Sprial Curriculum – Tameside MB Council

Tameside’s last RSE resource was written in 2000 and so it was in need of an update to introduce new and emerging topics. The resource covers RSE from KS1 – KS4.

Head of RSE – The Big Life Project Company Website and App

A new tech start-up The Big Life Project Company aimed to introduce digital RSE. Providing teachers with accessible resources and young people with a safe space to learn and explore.

My First Ever Sex Ed Project as a Peer Educator and Volunteer – From 1997!

My interest in sex education began as a young person at Broadoak Youth Club. Supported by Julie Ash, youth worker, I was introduced to peer education and the rest is history.

Anyone involved in #SexEd needs to have a look at this fabulous #resouce. Up to date, fun and inclusive. Beautifully illustrated. Highly recommended. #education #sex #facts.

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