Hi. Thank you for visiting my website. If you have any further questions, please use the contact form below to get in touch.


Here are some of my FAQ’s.

I am writing a dissertation can I interview you for it?

Yes, of course! If I can help, I would be happy to. Please submit your request via the contact form.  

I would like to interview you for a news article.

That sounds great, I would be keen to find out more and check if I am the right person for what you need. Fill in your details on the contact form and let’s chat.

Would you come to speak at our conference, class, university, etc?

You can book RSE workshops from a member of the Tough Cookies Education team via the Tough Cookies website. If you are looking for something different, just from me. Get in touch and we can chat some more.

We would like to stock your RSE and youth work resources in our store.

Great news! Please fill in the form and let’s get the ball rolling.

Are you available to write for us?

I really hope so! I am very busy delivering work in schools with Tough Cookies and providing training but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Send me a message.